India has amazing network of different type bridges around the country from river bridges to sea bridge or rail bridge to road bridges. Rail-cum-road bridges of India are the major part of Indian rail and road network to connect every city and operate at the same time. There are few rail-cum-road bridges in India and couple are under construction in the state of Assam and Bihar.


1. Ganga Bridge at Munger, Bihar

Ganga Bridge Monghyr

The Ganga-Munger Bridge is under construction rail-cum-road bridge over the river mighty Ganga at Munger, Bihar state of India. The 3.46 kilometers long river bridge will connect two city Bakhtiyarpur and Tajpur and also link the two national highways NH 80 and NH 31. Rail-cum-road bridge over river Ganga at Munger, Bihar will be second longest rail road bridge of state Bihar and third longest of the country.. read more>

2. Godavari Bridge at Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh

Godavari Bridge Rajahmundry

The Godavari Bridge is a truss bridge over the river Godavari at Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh state of India. Godavari Bridge is also known as Kovvur-Rajahmundry Bridge and is Asia's second longest road-cum-rail bridge above the water. This 2.7 kilometers long bridge is the landmark of Rajahmundry and the second out of total three bridges over the Godavari river at Rajahmundry..

3. Naranarayana Bridge at Pancharatna, Assam

Naranarayana Bridge Pancharatna Assam

The Naranarayana Bridge is another rail-cum-road bridge over the mighty Brahmaputra river at Assam state of India. Naranarayan Setu is 2.5 kilometres long truss bridge and connect two city Pancharatna and Goalpara of Assam. Naranarayana rail-road bridge is one of the India's largest railway bridge and second longest bridge of Assam over the holy Brahmaputra river..

4. Rajendra Setu at Mokama, Bihar

Rajendra Setu Mokama Bihar

The Rajendra Setu is the first rail-cum-road bridge over the holy river Ganga to connect both the parts of Bihar. Rajendra Setu is also known as Mokama Bridge is located near Mokama in the capital of Bihar, Patna. The 2.0 kilometres long bridge carries a double line railway track along with two lane more>

5. Saraighat Bridge at Guwahati, Assam

Saraighat Bridge Guwahati Assam

Saraighat Bridge is the first rail-cum-road bridge over the holy river Brahmaputra near Guwahati in Assam. The 1.4 kilometres long river bridge connects both banks of Brahmaputra at Saraighat. Saraighat village is famous for the fight between the Mughals and the Ahoms..