Baffin engineering projects ltd has undertaken repairs & renovations of many different types of bridges in India & Bangladesh.

Repairing & Restoration of Bally Bridge / Vivekananda Setu

Repair & restoration of the structural portion of the deck by removing the deck concrete by mechanical means. The corroded portions of the structural members were removed and new members fabricated as per the old structure, were introduced and riveted. The old trough sheet were totally dismantled and replaced by newly fabricated through sheet.

Repairing & Restoration of Rabindra Setu / Howrah Bridge

The Special Repair and restoration of Rabindra Setu were taken up by The Baffin engineering projects ltd in three segments. Mainly under structure, deck portion and super structure. Portion stringers at expansion join locations, which were corodate badly due to seepage of water, were cut and removed and newly fabricated members were introduced and riveted. The other under structure members which were badly damage due to corrosion were also replaced. All the old expansion / articulation joints were removed and replaced by slab seal expansion joints. This works were executed without hampering the huge traffic flow. Some rivets and members in the superstructure portion were also removed and replaced.

Bridges in Bangladesh

Repairing and Restoration of Khidirpur Bridge, Kolkata

Some portion of the corodate structural were removed and replaced. The old bearings were also replaced by new one.

Rihand Bridge

Ullhas Bridge